…because of how we’re funded.  The Marine Board does not operate with any general fund dollars.Marine Board expenditures and revenues for the 2013-2015 biennium.

The Marine Board is funded entirely by user fees, federal grants and fuel
tax dollars.  The Marine Board does not receive state or federal general fund dollars.
Also, the agency has not raised titling and registration fees since 2003. 

Boat Registration Facts

All motorboats and sailboats greater than 12 feet that are in use (in the water) must be currently registered.  Registration is issued on a two-year calendar basis, with all decals expiring Dec. 31 of the year indicated.  There is no retroactive payment for years the boat was not registered and no late fee for registration.

Registration is $3 per foot based on center length of vessel, bow to stern, rounded up to the nearest foot. There is also a $5 surcharge for the aquatic invasive species fee. For example, the registration fee for a 17’6″ boat is:     18’x $3 = $54 + $5 AIS = $59

Registration Fees                                            Floating Home and Boathouses

Oregon Title –transfer, new boats or out-of-state $30 Initial or replacement Certificate of Title and Identifying Plate $20
Lost Title replacement without change of ownership $15 Late Title Transfer Penalty $25
Lost Title replacement with change of ownership $30 Replacement Identification Plate $20
Duplicate Certificate of Number (registration card) or dealer $10    
Late Title transfer fee (OR boat titles only) $25    

Agency Sections

Director’s Office  -Administration:

  • Develop / modify Oregon  Administrative Rules to boating related to safety, enforcement, access and recreational environment.
  • Marine Board operating budget and fiscal administration.
  • Reporting to the Marine Board and the Governor’s Office.
  • Provide information via social media, agency website, print publications, partnerships, and public awareness campaigns.
  • Works with local governments to produce safety and information signage at launch sites and videos for the agency’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/marineboard).

Registration Section:              

  •  Issue biennial certificates of number and titles for approximately 177,000 boats.
  • Register 955 outfitters and guides.
  • License 261 licensed ocean charter boats.
  • Register 2,500 floating homes, houseboats and boat houses.
  • Train and work with approximately 80 bonded agents where boaters can register their boats and receive temporary permits. 

Boating Safety Section:

Law Enforcement Program:

  • Contracts with Oregon State Police and 32 counties for services such as; on-water patrol, marine enforcement, investigations, placement of waterway markers, boating safety education, etc.
  • Provide marine related training for deputies, troopers and their managers.
  • Provide boats and associated equipment in support of county service providers.
  • Service providers conduct safety inspections, enforce boating under the influence law, assist boaters, instruct safety programs in schools, and investigate accidents. 

Education/Information Program:

  • Provides low cost, high quality classroom and Internet education programs for boaters.
  • Certifies volunteer instructors and provide approved course materials.
  • Provides the boating public with free publications (brochures, posters, counter cards).
  • Provides materials and training for school education programs.
  • Participate in statewide boat shows to promote boating opportunities, promote agency programs including: mandatory education, clean boater, clean marina, and aquatic invasive species.  

Environmental Program:

  • Aquatic invasive species prevention permit program
  • Certifies marinas with the “Clean Marina Designation for facilities who adopt best management practices
  • Offers voluntary enrollment into the Clean Boater program –with tips, tools and supplies for boaters so they can become stewards of the environment and examples for all boaters to follow.

Facilities Section:

  • Provide grants for boat ramps, boarding floats, transient tie-ups, parking, restrooms, pump-outs and dump stations and maintenance.
  • Provide grant assistance to cities, counties, park districts and ports.
  • Provide engineering assistance and design services for boating facilities.
  • Provide standard designs and specifications.
  • Provide permits for approved flotation (foam encapsulation) for docks and other floating structures.

The Marine Board -A Different Kind of State Agency

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