Non-Motorized Listening Sessions

Hello Non-Motorized Boaters!

The first listening session to non-motorized boaters in Portland on June 3rd was filled with great dialog and excelleng boater feedback.  Just what agency staff was hoping for.  Twenty-five people attended as well as Marine Board NMPDXMtgmember, Jen Tonneson.  Three Non-Motorized External Advisory Committee Members were there to talk with folks: Travis Williams, Laura Jackson and Sam Drevo.  We also had Chief  Deputy Gates and Lt. Travis Gullberg from MCSO River Patrol who came to listen in on the discussions.

If you didn’t have a chance to fill out the paper meeting evaluations, no worries!  You can still submit your thoughts through an online survey (link below)…and please share this link with other people you know who couldn’t attend the meeting, but still want to comment!

Non-Motorized Boater Listening Session Survey

Also on this page are documents of the work the external advisory committee did over the last year and a half, and the Strategic Plan that started this process in motion.

Let’s keep the dialog going!  Remember, this is the very beginning of the process, and you’re helping shape what may or may not happen in Oregon for boating access, safety, and education for non-motorized boaters.

Keep it clean, productive, and constructive.  Your voice matters…






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