Cruising BOAT Blog Post


  • At risk vessels include large vessels (too large to trailer) that often stay in the water at a marina year round. (In addition to boats, this could also include floating homes and boathouses.)
  • Near the end of the useful life for these vessels, repair costs or disposal costs are more than the vessels are worth.
  • The financial incentive is to sell the vessel (or give the boat away at no cost) rather than repair or dispose of the vessel.
  • Sometimes, this means the vessel is transferred to a person who does not have the financial means to care for the vessel and/or to moor the vessel in a marina, and the vessel becomes a derelict/ abandoned boat that must be removed at the State’s expense.


What would you recommend we do to make vessel owners take responsibility and properly dispose of their vessels (which will cost them $) vs. of selling their vessels to new owners that do not have the means to care for or legally moor the vessel and cannot pay for the removal of the vessel should it become derelict or abandoned?


One thought on “Cruising BOAT Blog Post

  1. Your question has two potential answers.
    1. in the process of registering the boat with the Marine Board the owner should be required to provide prove of insurance just as you would when registering a car in Oregon and in doing so should the boat sink, catch fire, or become adrift then the insurance company would be liable for any expenses incurred for the raising, or securing, or fire services needed.

    2. The marina, moorage or other said landlord can put a lien against the vessel for lack of payment for moorage and or care thereof for the vessel, and in doing so the owner can’t donate or sell the vessel until the lien is resolved.


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