Marine Board to Hold Special Board Meeting March 12 in Salem


The Oregon State Marine Board will hold a special meeting at the Marine Board Office, 435 Commercial St. NE, in Salem at 1 pm on March 12. The meeting is being called to review and discuss draft language for cautionary buoy placement procedures, waterway markers and slow-no wake rules. These items were originally going to be discussed during the January 7, 2015, Board work session but were postponed.

In addition, the Board will initiate a discussion on its need to engage and solicit information from agency partners on dredging projects and funding options.

The meeting is accessible for persons with disabilities. For a communication aid request or agenda questions, please contact June LeTarte, Executive Assistant, at 503-378-2617 by Monday, March 9.

To view the agenda and staff report, visit


One thought on “Marine Board to Hold Special Board Meeting March 12 in Salem

  1. this is an issue that is different for each type of boat and the 5mph speed can often created huge surfable waves depending on hull type and displacement. the snippet “maintain minimum steerage” is more appropriate in my opinion. for example an all inflatable boat will produce little to no wake while on plane but at 5mph it will generate a wake because it’s operating in displacement mode and squats deeper depending on the depth of the water and load of the boat. minimum steerage speed will produce no wake on this type of boat and headway will be slow in a current situation just like any other boat. the people who don’t acknowledge the posting will likely continue with their poor practices regardless of the law the way it stands or in the event of a change. I see wakeboarders buzzing the docks and ramps every time I get underway at every ramp. most of the fisherman I observe follow the rules, but there’s always joe six pack out for the one weekend a year practicing bad seamanship and boat handling. joe six pack is the real concern because he feels entitled to do what ever he wants because he knows enforcement is likely not in his area. he’ll be out when everyone else is doing what he sees all the other part time mariners doing. he doesn’t follow the colregs or the rules of the road.


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