HB 2459 (Fee Bill) Hearing Scheduled

HB 2459, the Marine Board’s bill to increase certain fees related to registering and titling boats, floating homes and boathouses, has its first hearing on April 1, 2015.  The hearing will be heard by the House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development, in hearing room E, at 3 pm.

The Oregon State Senate Chamber in the State Capitol Building, Salem, Oregon

The Oregon State Senate Chamber in the State Capitol Building, Salem, Oregon

The Marine Board directed agency staff to engage boaters and gather input on agency-proposed fee increases in 2014.   Public notices and press releases were sent statewide to advertise public meetings that were held in the early summer.  Agency staff also attended conferences, club meetings, and stakeholder meetings to gather additional input.

The Board considered the feedback from the public meetings and factoring in other economic projections, the Board approved a fee structure that ultimately developed into a legislative concept.  This concept became HB 2459.

The agency has not raised fees since 2003 (12 years), and other fees since 1978.

The links below are documents provided to legislators, partners, and stakeholders to educate them on the reasoning behind this fee bill.

HB 2459 

Statewide Public Meetings Synopsis

HB 2459 One-Pager for the Oregon Legislature

Neighboring States Cost Comparisons for Recreational Boating

These fee increases are needed in order to maintain current service levels and carry the agency’s business operations for another 6 years.  Through the strategic planning initiatives currently being implemented, more engagement and participation from boaters are being woven into the fabric of the agency, so the Marine Board can truly be your boating agency.

Mission Vision & Values of the Oregon State Marine Board




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