Marine Board Approves Grant for Oregon Youth Conservation Corps

Picture of a 4-person OYCC crew restriping a boating facility's parking lot.

An OYCC crew restriping a boating facility’s parking lot.

The Oregon State Marine Board approved a grant to help fund the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps summer projects during their April 22nd Board meeting, held in Salem.The grant will fund boating facilities projects in Clatsop, Columbia, Josephine, and Lane Counties at the following locations:

  • Clatsop County
    • Hammond Marina -dock repairs, painting fence and railings, install new signage.
    • Warrenton Marina –dock repairs, restripe parking area, install new signage.
    • John Day County Park –restripe parking area and clean landscaping by the restroom.
  • Columbia County
    • North and South Sand Island Marine Park –repair short term tie-up docks, replace walers and rub strip, refurbish existing benches, install new benches, rehabilitate existing camping sites and install signage.
  • Josephine County
    • Chinook Park, Schroeder Park, Hog Creek, Griffin, Almeda, Indian Mary, Ennis Riffle, Pierce Riffle –paint restrooms, stripe parking lots and clear vegetation around ramps and restrooms.
    • Whitehorse Park –repair potholes, paint speedbumps on the access road and clear vegetation.
    • Robertson Bridge –paint restroom and stripe parking lot.
  • Lane County
    • Baker Bay, Orchard Point, Perkins Peninsula, Richarson Park –repair docks.
    • Rodakowski, Richardson Park, Hendricks Wayside and Linslaw –paint restrooms and curbing.
    • Farnham, Triangle Lake and Tidewater –restore picnic tables.

Since 1996, the Marine Board has partnered with OYCC to provide funding for youth to perform meaningful work at boating facilities and learn valuable job skills/work ethics that benefit boaters.

For more information about the Marine Board’s Boating Facilities Program and the current boating facilities projects, visit

A picture of one of OYCC's youth, installing friction shingles to wooden boarding floats to prevent slippage.

One of OYCC’s youth, installing friction shingles to wooden boarding floats to prevent slippage.


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