Order Replacement Boater Education Cards Online

Recreational boater showing his boater education card.

Recreational boater showing his boater education card.

Life jackets? Check. Fire extinguisher? Check. Food and water? Check. Boater education card? It’s Friday night at 11 pm and you’re leaving at dawn for the lake when you realize, “Oh no, what did I do with it. Is it in the boat?” No worries. With the Marine Board’s new online storefront (open 24/7), boat operators can order a replacement boater education card and print out a temporary permit and go boating right away. Boaters no longer have to call or visit the Salem office during business hours to verify they have a card, and then wait for snail mail for their replacement, which typically takes two to three weeks.
“This time every spring, boaters get their boats and gear prepped, and sometimes panic when they realize they can’t find their card,” says MariAnn McKenzie, Boater Education Coordinator for the Marine Board.  “It’s easy to go to our online registration system to order a replacement.” The cost of a replacement card is $8 and the storefront accepts most major credit cards.
Go to www.boatoregon.com and click on the RegLine icon from the homepage. If boaters have purchased an AIS permit, applied for a boater education card, or registered a boat, the Marine Board’s online storefront already has the boater’s baseline data. Simply register to create an account. Once boaters establish a user name and password, they can login, and click on online services drop-down, and select the Boater Education Card Replacement Application link, then follow the directions. Once payment is verified, boaters will have the option to print a temporary permit, which is valid for up to 60 days and must be carried onboard the boat. If you need assistance with the online process, please contact the Education Section at the Marine Board at 503-378-8587.
The Mandatory Education law was implemented in 2001 and requires boaters to take an approved boating safety course, apply for a boater education card and carry it with them on the water when operating a powerboat over 10 horsepower. The program was phased in by age beginning in 2003 and after 2009, all boaters are required to take a boating safety course. The card costs $10 and is good for life. McKenzie adds, “Remember to make sure you have your card with you when you’re out on the water. It’s a Class D violation and boaters could get a $110 fine.”
To order a replacement boater education card or to set up an account with the Marine Board’s online storefront for other permits or licenses, visit www.boatoregon.com.


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