Four BUII Arrests on Lake Billy Chinook

Marine Law Enforcement patrolling Lake Billy Chinook.

Marine Law Enforcement patrolling Lake Billy Chinook.

Blame it on the hot weather, low water, who knows…but what we do know is that more people are under the influence of intoxicants this summer than the Marine Board has seen in quite a few years.  —

Culver, Ore. -The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is releasing stats from last weekend’s boating under the influence saturation patrol conducted on Lake Billy Chinook. Arrested were four persons for operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office says it will continue actively enforcing all marine laws, including boating under the influence, in an overall effort to keep everyone safe on the water.

The Sheriff’s office also says, “This office would like to thank Multnomah, Lane, Jackson, Marion, & Klamath Counties for providing manpower for this operation as well as the Oregon State Marine Board for providing funds to allow the outside agencies to participate.”

Lake Billy Chinook is a very popular boating and vacation destination with its houseboats and other amenities nearby.  Alcohol consumption on many Oregon waterways are up, and so are accidents involving alcohol.  Other substances are also being documented, such as prescription drug use, that are involved in boating-related accidents.  So far this year, 12 people have lost their lives in recreational boating incidents, half of which involve intoxicating substances, all of the victims have been male, and 90% were not wearing a life jacket.

Expect water levels to continue to fall.  Banks are unstable, there may be steep drop off’s, and when it’s hot out, drink water for hydration, not alcoholic beverages.  Twelve fatalities are way too many.  Every life matters.


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