Got Boating Pictures?

Boaters enjoying the whitewater rapids on the McKenzie River.

Boaters enjoying the whitewater rapids on the McKenzie River.

…We could use them!

The Oregon State Marine Board is in the process of re-designing and is filling the website with much needed modern boating pictures, but the agency needs boaters’ help. The agency is showcasing boating activities -of all kinds.

“We want the re-designed website to be easy to navigate, easy for boaters to find the information they seek and also tie in photos of friends and family having fun on the water. Every type of activity is needed, from wakeboarding to stand up paddle boarding,” says Ashley Massey, Public Information Officer for the Marine Board. “There are so many fabulous boating experiences to be had in Oregon, and what better way to highlight those experiences than from the people doing them?”

The Marine Board is asking boaters to submit their favorite boating pictures.   “In addition to the new website, photos will also be added to our social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, and demonstrating safe behavior is always what we hope for in pictures,” Massey adds. A copywrite agreement is supplied on the submission form that needs to be read and agreed to by the person sending the photo(s).

The agency plans on launching the new website in conjunction with the Portland Boat Show, in January. The Marine Board’s website will be complete with new integrated features, a consolidated storefront with all of the agency’s services for online transactions (with no processing fee), interactive maps and forms, and apps that will make it easy to comply with regulations and get on the water quickly.


  • Photos must have been taken by you personally, in Oregon.
  • By submitting a photo, you agree that the photo(s) can be used by OSMB on its website and in other promotional products or websites.
  • If there are people in the photo, get permission from them before you submit photo.
  • Only HIGH RESOLUTION photos, at least 1 megabyte, will be accepted.


Submit your photo(s) at



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