New Marine Board Member on Board

Wake the World Oregon Coordinator, and new Board Member, Vince Castronovo

Wake the World Oregon Coordinator, and new Board Member, Vince Castronovo

Agency staff would like to “Welcome Aboard” our newest Board member, Vince Castronovo.  Vince fills the seat of former member, Brian Carroll from Linn County.  His term on the Board began in October and runs through June, 2021.

Castronovo’s boating passion began at an early age when his father brought home their first boat; an eight foot row boat to play in the pond across the street from where he grew up.  The family quickly moved up to a runabout a few years later, when the passion for motor boating really took a foothold.

Boating remains a very special part of Castronovo’s own family life and a new purpose with passion developed that has become a family-affair.  In 2012, Castronovo began an Oregon affiliate with “Wake the World,” from North Carolina where kids in foster care are given a opportunity to spend a day on the water to learn watersports.  Castronovo started out with one event with 24 boats, to nine events involving over 100 volunteers and over 50 boats that serve hundreds of kids in Oregon and Washington.

Castronovo not only organizes the events, he’s taken on the responsibility of being a coordinator and boat operator for the events as well.  As to why Castronovo wanted to have a seat on the Board, he said, “I want to make sure that boating safety is a high priority. I decided to become more involved with the Marine Board to learn the ins and outs of boating laws, policies, and planning.”  Castronovo adds, “I started out volunteering as a member of the Marine Board’s Watersports Boat Oregon Advisory Committee in 2016, and with over 45 years of boating experience and a passion to help keep boating safe for all who use our waterways, I hope to offer my voice and experience to the Board in making decisions that impact recreational boating.  I look forward to representing the watersports community and finding ways to improve boating enjoyment for all!”

Castronovo works as a Project Manager for a flooring company (over 29 years) and in addition to riding waves, also serves as a pet rescue to nine critters.

Marine Board members are confirmed by the Senate, appointed by the Governor and serve four year terms.  The Board members serve at the pleasure of the Governor and the agency Director reports directly to the Marine Board.  All members are volunteers (non-paid positions) from the general public with a background in Oregon boating. 

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