Cruising BOAT

This page is for open dialog between members of the Cruising Boat Oregon Advisory Team, boaters, and Marine Board staff. 

Opening day 2013 for Columbia River Yachting Association on the Columbia River

Opening day 2013 for Columbia River Yachting Association on the Columbia River

Each boating activity (use) has certain needs for access, safety, and education in order to have an enjoyable experience on our waterways.  Various external advisory teams have been established as part of the Marine Board’s strategic plan to help better engage with recreational boaters and to learn how we can better serve the needs of all boaters.


4 thoughts on “Cruising BOAT

  1. I had my first BOAT team meeting a short while ago. The information I got was interesting and timely. I was able to gather a lot of details to bring back and share with the members of our boating club. I am looking forward to working with the other members of the team as well as the OSMB staff. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    Ken Tennefoss
    NOTS Boating Club


  2. Andy, this is a great idea. Kristin and I were discussing after the meeting that we really need to expand this team. I’ll put together a recruitment form like the one we used initially that you can forward to CRYA. Thank you so much for attending the first Boat Oregon Advisory Team Strategic Planning Summit!


  3. I think the combined strategic BOATs meeting was very good and I expect good things to come from it.
    I am going to ask for members of yacht clubs to join the cruising Boats group so that we have a larger voice at the future combined BOATs meetings. I thank the OSMB for having this venue and this process to help guide the process.
    Andy Meyer


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