Outdoor Sportsmen’s BOAT

This page is for open dialog between members of the Outdoor Sportsmen’s Boat Oregon Advisory Team, boaters, and Marine Board staff. 

Fishing near buoy 10 on the Columbia River

Fishing near Buoy 10 on the Columbia River

Each boating activity (use) has certain needs for access, safety, and education in order to have an enjoyable experience on our waterways.  Various external advisory teams have been established as part of the Marine Board’s strategic plan to help better engage with recreational boaters and to learn how we can better serve the needs of all boaters.



6 thoughts on “Outdoor Sportsmen’s BOAT

  1. I’m looking forward to a bright year and lot’s of time on the water and hope that the process we started last month with the BOAT program will be beneficial to all outdoor sportsmen.


  2. i thought it was odd i hadnt seen an email with this yet so i thought i would check on it and it seems im not getting emails about people responding on this. i didnt realize there was some communication yet. Anyways, the biggest concern i have is dealing with the permit process in regards to bass fishing tournaments for small clubs. it is a daunting process to get permits for each and every lake when we may only have 8 boats showing up to fish. My club and one other from Southern Oregon were the only two clubs i saw last year that actually got the permits for each and every lake and funny thing, my cousin is the one running the other club. We definitely need to figure something out in regards to this


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